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「 carbonated kitty litter 」
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24th-Feb-2012 01:13 pm
  • Thu, 18:39: Making Snickerdoodles for the first time. They're very sticky... Gotta take first load out the oven now. Wish me luck!
  • Thu, 18:45: They look ok. At least I THINK they look right for Snickerdoodles... :p http://t.co/DCRevtFR
  • Thu, 19:04: The kitchen smells delicious! Full of cinnamony goodness. At least I hope it tastes as good as it smells...
  • Thu, 20:58: What's the best way to view @ComicVine on an iPhone? I have so much to learn :)
  • Fri, 08:55: RT @pgofton: WOW “@Balbvs: Girl dates guy. Girl gets tattoo of guys face.Girl posts tattoo on Facebook. Hilarious thread commences http ...
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